Scalia’s Funeral

Scalia's funeral

The priest at Scalia’s funeral



of a man

who had died—

a man who was

both loved

and scorned—

and people expected him to say—

that man was his father, Antonin Scalia—

but he looked past his father,

beyond his father,

to another,

Jesus of Nazareth—

through whom we pass

to eternal life after death.


With bishops, archbishops, a cardinal,

clerks, attorneys, judges, politicians,

friends and family by the thousands

in attendance,

gathered in remembrance,

Paul Scalia

pointed people

beyond the Supreme Court Justice

beyond the pomp and circumstance

beyond fame and fortune

to transcendence.


“We look to Jesus forever, into eternity,”

he said,

and with those words

blessed with meaning

all his hearers—

both the living and the dead.


Marianne Bovée


(photo from




2 thoughts on “Scalia’s Funeral

  1. Your words were beautiful, Marianne. Thank you.

    There are a few videos on You Tube that show Father Scalia speaking about various topics.


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