Euthanasia in Academia



In the assisted living center
my mother’s sweater

which was soft and woolen and
made with her own nimble fingers
over the course of many hours

is now shrunken and small
from being thrown in the dryer
by caregivers who don’t know at all
what heat does to wool.

In the halls of academe
Greek and Latin
and poetry
and philosophy et al–
the work of many centuries

is being swept out with the dust mites
from under heavy wooden desks that, too, must go,

replaced by spare, modern frames
for computers, ergonomically arranged

and quite utilitarian and entirely material

with no room for the soul

which, on the whole,
has not been missed

since the
beginning of the Enlightenment.


Marianne Bovée

(photo: Gentile de Fabriano’s “St Thomas Aquinas”
from Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas)













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