Running Afoul of the World Cup

Colombia Brazil WCup


the crowd
follows a ball
as it’s kicked by foot
and knee and head

(but not with your hand or you’re dead)

the crowd
like happy clowns,
jumps up and down
and can hardly contain the their glee
(even the old and hoary):
for the team has kicked a goal for Old Glory
or for another country’s flag
with its own story

but wait—there’s misery

a painted face
places her hands up to her cheeks
in anguish
televised to millions–
her anguish worn on her face
like a child’s death:

The ball has missed the goal!
and sadness sears her soul
and spreads across the face of the globe
with an inconsolable sigh

And if you’re not sufficiently sad—you’ve crossed a line—

you might be
arrested for protesting
that other things
like poverty and liberty
are more important than the World Cup—
and that would be an egregious foul–

for which you will pay the penalty.


Marianne Bovée

(AP Photo/Fernando Vergara)

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