Stone Ode on the Easter Vigil


By some small
I sang in a choir
during the Easter Vigil.

I can’t sing well
at all
but the choir was very small
and I wanted it
to swell with glorious sound
to join the throng of angels in song.

So there I was singing
at a Mass so beautiful
it felt as if
I were on the edge of heaven.

Jesus said if the people
stay silent
the very stones would cry out in praise.

There is such painful silence, these days.

My voice is weak,
It cracks
like a stone.
But I will sing
even if I sing

In these muted days,
I can’t hold back my praise.

My soul operates as if under some law
to which I gladly assent
–in awe–
and sing Alleluia, Alleluia

to God’s mercy, love and majesty,
now, in time, and through eternity.


Marianne  Bovée
(photo by M. Bovée)

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