As a Catholic, I want Kasich

Charlie Neibergal AP Anti-Abortion Sign Melissa Brandes Shutterstock

Babies are dying
and I’m not lying;
they’re killed before they are born.

Pro-choicers bring you money,
jobs, and justice plenty–
which leaves pro-lifers torn.

But I won’t vote pro-choice
though they give me a Rolls Royce:
I won’t ignore the unborn.

Trump really wants to win,
puts logic in a tailspin,
and leaves my patience worn.

If you want Trump to lose,
in some districts vote for Cruz,

so that Kasich gets the votes at the contested Convention:
he’s most likely to beat Clinton in the general election.


David and Marianne  Bovée
(Photo Charlie Neibergall/AP; Anti-Abortion Sign: Melissa Brandes/Shutterstock)

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