Vote Third Party in Wisconsin


american-solidarity-partyGreetings, Wisconsin Pro-lifers. It seems quite clear that Trump is going to lose the Wisconsin electoral college votes tomorrow. Let’s show our dissatisfaction with Trump (for he was really an anti-Clinton choice to begin  with) and express our pro-life stance by voting third party: choose the American Solidarity Party! It’s a Christian Democratic Party, though one need not be Christian to be attracted to its principles. The American Solidarity Party is the perfect choice for pro-life Democrats and not-so-rabid-Republicans! The candidates are registered in Wisconsin as write-ins, and therefore, your vote will be counted!

Write in “Michael A. Maturen” for President and “Juan A. Munoz” for vice-President!  Don’t forget the initials!

Please see the following links for further info about the American Solidarity Party:

Website: American Solidarity Party

Facebook: American Solidarity Party–Wisconsin


Marianne  Bovée